Install-Block 2.0

A tool that prevents unauthorized installations on your computer
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Install-Block can be used to prevent unauthorized installations on your computer. It also blocks access to various Windows tools and features and even selected websites. This way, you can limit other users’ privileges and also protect the system from malware. The tool has a straightforward but unattractive interface to which you can access from its icon in the System Tray. Fortunately, it comes with a well-structured tutorial.

It can be set to start along with Windows and it’s only accessible if you provide the previously configured password. To block given features, you should create a blacklist including the words that are likely to appear as part of the title of the windows you’re willing to control access to. If one of the blacklisted words or phrases is found, the program prompts the user to enter the password to be able to continue. This simple way is usually effective. However, the developer advises to block the Task Manager, which can otherwise be used to simply stop the program’s services.

The program has other convenient features, such as a built-in encryption tool, which uses Blowfish technology to protect given files with passwords. Besides, you can also use the program remotely to grant access to blocked features on networked computers.

In a few words, Install-Block does its job as expected. It was tested with various programs and it was able to block them altogether. Luckily, it’s quite light and inexpensive. However, it’s a shame that no new versions have been released in a long time.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use
  • It has a well-structured tutorial
  • It has a built-in file encryption tool
  • It can work over a network


  • It has an unattractive interface
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